Grow Where You Are Planted: Or, Move So You Can Grow!

Many of you may have heard the popular phrase, “grow or bloom where you are planted.” For the most part, it means to grow and/or continue to grow regardless of where you are in life. I understand the “intent” of the saying, but it makes about as much sense as the phrase “you want to have your cake and eat it to.” Again, the concept of the saying is noble; however, the “truth” of the matter is that we are not always able to grow or bloom where we are planted.

If you have attempted any type of gardening, you know that to grow anything it takes a combination of good soil, lighting and water – these all play a significant role in the growing process. Another vital element to the growth process is the season in which you plant. Most seeds, bulbs or plants come with instructions that state the type of lighting required and how often watering should occur, and the best time of the year (season) to plant.

If you put a seed in good soil and water it properly but fail to give it proper light, it will grow but not at the rate it should. The seed’s growth process will be stunted. Likewise, if you put a seed in good soil and give it proper light but fail to water it, it may come up, but it will eventually wither and die. Of course, if the soil is corrupt, it does not matter how much light and water the seed receives, it will not survive until transplanted to good soil and given the proper nourishment. Even in the best of conditions – good soil, proper water and lighting – if the seed is planted out of its environmental element, it will die.

We sometimes find ourselves in the same scenarios as those seeds. We are planted somewhere but we are not receiving the proper elements necessary for our spiritual growth – the Word, prayer, and revelation by the Spirit of God. We also can sometimes find ourselves struggling to grow spiritually, or find ourselves literally withering away on the brink of spiritual death. Just as with the seed, the solution is to identify what we are lacking and rectify it; and that may mean we might have to make a move. We may  have to uproot ourselves and transplant ourselves where we need to be to receive what we need to grow and bloom.

Please note that all seeds do not grow in the same environment. Every seed is specific to its own environment. Because someone else is flourishing in the same soil that you’re not, does not necessarily imply that something is wrong with you. It just may not be the place for you. Find what works for you. Find what you need to help you grow and help you sustain your spiritual walk, and plant yourself there.


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